Sharps is a digital artist and music producer.


The first analog mathematical computing device was created by the Romans in 2400 BC. What we know as the modern piano was invented in Italy around 1655. The earliest electric synthesizer was designed in 1876 setting the stage for our first commercially-available modern synthesizer in the 1960's thanks to Robert Moog. Music sampling began roughly around 1961 with the introduction of tape recorders. In 1969 the Winstons recorded their single "Amen, Brother" that featured a brief drum solo known afterwards as the "Amen Break" which would become the most extensively used sample in hip-hop, jungle, and drum and bass music. At about this same time, the first electronic dance music was created by two Germans in 1968 who would become known as 'Kraftwerk'. House music began in the 1970s after the disco era blending funk, R&B, and soul music. It was created using samplers, sequencers, synthesizers, and drum machines. Breakbeat music started soon after using breaks from jazz and funk songs where the drums and rhythm played solo. Throughout this time, into the 1980s a growing nightclub culture of electronic music called Rave music began. In the late 80's the first jungle music was made in the United Kingdom, originating out of the hardcore-breakbeat rave scene. The music would evolve one step further into drum and bass during the end of the century and has now taken to sub-genres such as liquid, hardstep, techstep, jump-up, atmospheric, and so on. This was the beginning of Sharps®.